Ship landing airbag

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Products/Services: Ship landing airbag 
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  • Qingdao Shun Hang Marine Supplies Co.,Ltd.
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  • Contact Person:liyuanFu(Madam)  
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Product details
Ship landing airbag
(1)Modern facility for ship launching or Ship landing airbag
(2)Caisson and wrecked ships salvagetruck  airbag
(3)Compared with traditional launching track , the advantages of ship landing airbag: flexibility, they are characterized by high resistance ,
high gas tightness , anti-aging .
(4)We adopt the most advanced winding process to increase the bearing capacity and moment resistant capacity of ship landing airbag
(5)It is easier to install and dismantle
(6)As it is inflatable , so it is environmental protection . so it is the first choice for the shipyards all the world .
(7)As we have professional engineers in rubber processing ship landing airbag who have guided many ship launching projects successfully .
we can manufacture all sizes to meet different requirements for clients all over the world .
(8)Airbag is a innovative technology having utmost developmental prospect in ship building .
overcomes the disadvantage of fixed launching track by which the productive abilities of ship building and ship repair were limited
in the small and medium sized shipyards . Now it has become a flexible launching technology full of mobility safety reliability , outstanding ,
comprehensive economy benefit , flexible , safe , reliable and outstanding benefit , etc ,
(9)Ship landing airbag have flexible applications and can be broadly implemented in shipwreck , floating bridge and dock construction rescue and remove of wrecked ships
(10)they can be widely used for moving various large prefabricated reinforced- concrete products . such as cassion box culvert and bridge . 
oil drilling equipment andn intergreted building , etc,

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