Ship launching airbag

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Products/Services: Ship launching airbag 
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  • Qingdao Shun Hang Marine Supplies Co.,Ltd.
  •             Certified by the enterprise data
  • Contact Person:liyuanFu(Madam)  
  • Telephone:+86-532-87560955
  • Mobile:13791977015
  • Country/Region:China
  • Address:Qing Dao China
Product details
Ship launching airbag
Our factory has put into a lot of manpower ,material ,energy and also rich professional knowledge such as
ship building and chemical industry to develop high-intensity winding-liner ship launching airbag.
such Ship launching airbag has the advantages of more scientific internal skeleton structure, no joint of the whole body,
make the full use of break-resistant of material skeleton. It solved the problem of the uneven internal pressure of
the wall when press the balloon. there is no phenomenon of delaminate and bubble and has no risk of sudden burst.
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